Blog Strategy, Design & Management

Blog Strategy, Design & Management


Blogging has become a major part of every successful online marketing strategy. Specifically, a blog can be particularly beneficial in:

  • Giving your company a personality alongside your corporate website
  • Acting as a central element of your search engine marketing to increase your Google rankings
  • Promoting your business through online PR and social media
  • Developing your communications channels to your target markets
  • Positioning your company as experts within your field
  • Helping to enhance your brand and visibility
  • Speeding up the ‘know, like and trust’ element of rapport and relationship building

While it is important to ensure you are getting your message across in a great looking blog, it is also vital you interweave your blog with your social media and search engine marketing activity to ensure you enjoy the maximum return on your time and financial investment.


So why should a business have a blog strategy?

Because a blog strategy gives you many more options to promote yourself online that your website doesn’t.

When blogs were first created, they were no more than a diary online. However, blogging has now developed into a hugely effective marketing and communication tool for businesses who want to speak to a captive audience of thousands of followers every time you have something useful and relevant  to say.

Your business will benefit massively if you think of your Blog much more as a central part of your online marketing toolkit. The winning formula for success is to integrate your website with a well structured blog.

It can be used in a number of different ways according to your business requirements, all centred on two-way communication with prospects and customers as part of your marketing and business development.


In all of the above areas, you will find that Business Blogs are not only very effective, they are also very cost effective as well.

Interactive SEO Agency are experts at all aspects of blog strategy, design and content production. Your blog will also come with inbuilt technology that interis your syour blog with your social media and search engine marketing activity. This will give you the maximum return on investment.


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