Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


The Interactive SEO Agency brand strategy session get’s to the very core of your business in ways that you may not have investigated before!

Brand strategy is like cutting an apple in half to see all the different pips within it. These pips to us at Interactive SEO Agency represent the seeds for potential growth within your business that you may never have noticed before. We use this time with you to identify your brand vision and other areas for expansion as your company evolves to ensure Interactive SEO Agency create you a brand which is future proof.


Many of our clients double, triple and even quadruple their turnover within the first 6 months of working with Interactive SEO Agency and attribute their success to the brand strategy keeping them on track.


So, what can you expect in your brand strategy session?

This part of the process is very visual using a flip chart to document everything that comes out of the session. The brand strategy session is a fundamental element in moving your business forward and involves breaking down into detail some of the following elements;

  • Define who you are as a company, who your stakeholders are and how you want to be perceived by each of them
  • Who needs to know about you and why should they care when they do find out about you?
  • What will you do that makes everyone who comes in contact with your business feel like they are important?
  • Profiling your ideal clients and identify your key internal and external values
  • Look at the SWOT analysis of your competitors to maximise opportunities, emulate their strengths, exploit their weaknesses and foresee potential threats
  • Investigate what your customers will want to see, hear and feel from you in order to buy into your ‘brand’

As this 4 hour session evolves we will start to identify important communication elements such as a variation of straplines, positioning statements and possibly company names if you are at the name / re-name stage of your brand.

Many other things come from this strategy workshop that you can work on outside of the session and of course, we are here to help and support you along your journey. After the session, we will photograph all of the worksheets so that you can keep the visuals to work on, while we then take the images away and type them up into a strategy document for you to keep and add to it as your business evolves.


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