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Your brand, website design & development and online marketing agency

Your brand, website design & development
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The Online Marketing Director at Interactive SEO Agency first spent time with the team at Aufora ( home accessories ) to develop a key online strategy for the online growth of their business. This took place at their offices in Wakefield at the same time as their brand strategy and website strategy session with Viet and Cristian to create a completely aligned strategy for growth, before launching their online marketing campaign.
Having identified huge areas of potential, Lyndon invested time into keyword research, link building and SEO along with some of our other 18 different ways to help our clients get found on the search engines.


The next stage for Aufora (and recommended for all recruitment companies) was the implementation of RSS feeds to allow potential applicants to subscribe and receive pertinent new job opportunities via their desktop without having to visit the website every day. This doubles the reach of your recruitment website design, as it lets the recruiter push their content out to the outside world rather than just pull people into the website. The RSS can also be used to automatically interface with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and over thirty specialist RSS search engines.




Within the first three months of launching the new Aufora website design, it showed a 46% increase in traffic levels – Up from their previous website. They also received a 93% increase in the number of websites referring them traffic. In addition, Aufora were found for 31% more search terms than three months previous ( for the long tail home accessories ).

This success is due to the Interactive SEO Agency of keyword research, which is then used to optimise the website content on your website. We can then apply for and establish very high-quality links to your website pages from third party websites, which in turn helps you to establish credibility with Google.


Client Feedback:


You understood our requirements quickly and for someone with high expectations, you really met mine. Timescales were as promised and the ideas that Cristian came up with were really sparkly. He even sang to us!! The functionality of our website is far better than expected and it’s nice to know we are working with a partner, rather than just another marketing company. You are clearly an organisation who works hard to understand your client’s businesses and build strong relationships with them. We definitely recommend you!!


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