Business Blogs

Business Blogs


At Interactive SEO Agency we can create your blog strategy, your blog design and build of your business blog.  What’s more, you will be trained how to use this strategic communication tool to help you build better relationships with your customers, prospects, employees and suppliers.

Every business blog is used in a different way according to your individual needs and business growth plan.

Those who have used their blog well, have managed to develop longer lasting and fruitful relationships, which have helped them to market themselves more effectively as a direct result. At Interactive SEO Agency we have proven this method of marketing really works and receive on average 3-5 enquiries per month just through our blog and marketing our blog.


Why have a business blog?

A blog can be beneficial to you in many ways:

  • Differentiating your business, products and services from your competitors
  • Attracting new prospects and finding new opportunities
  • Attracting search engine traffic. Search engines love blogs.
  • Developing a new communication channel
  • Building your visibility and brand
  • Positioning you or your business as the expert in your field
  • Giving your business a human face and personality

On top of all this, the inbuilt distribution facilities such as RSS and pinging, as well as more blog specific marketing features such as trackbacks, commenting and social bookmarking all add extra ways to promote your business blog and therefore your business.

Business blogs are very search engine friendly because of the way that they are written and organised (automatically) and because the philosophy of adding content and linking is an important part of the blogosphere. Because of this business blogs often rank more highly than other types of websites. For more business blog benefits please follow
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