E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing


How would you like to send high quality, target driven and specialised e-mail marketing campaigns that will reach your intended audience quickly and effectively?

When implemented correctly through opt-in subscribers, e-mail marketing can be an affordable and extremely effective route to market. Dependant on how you want to measure your success (by messages opened, click-through rates or conversion to sale), e-mail marketing can yield response rates that inspire.

Interactive SEO Agency offer you a complete service to support you in creating personalised marketing email letters whenever you want to get your message out there to prospective customers. We provide you with complete management over your distribution lists and subscribers, including a comprehensive reporting system that enables you to monitor your campaign activity.


Compared to direct mail campaigns, the costs involved with e-mail marketing are far lower and the opportunity to measure your results are much higher.

Interactive SEO Agency can create you a highly targeted e-mail marketing campaign that will reach the right audience and drive the right traffic to your website. Our in house team of designers have a proven record in creating high impact e-mail marketing campaigns that will instantly grab the attention of your future prospects.


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