Gaining New Clients With Mobile Marketing

Gaining New Clients With Mobile Marketing

Gaining New Clients With Mobile Marketing


Your existing customers are important as the backbone of your business, but it is also crucial to bring in new ones as time goes by. One of the most effective and affordable ways to do this in today’s world is through mobile marketing. Even businesses without a large budget for marketing by traditional means can find great success in this relatively new field. Read on for some ideas on how to bring in new business through mobile marketing techniques.

Create a mobile marketing plan that makes users feel that they are connected to you and to what you have to offer. This type of direct communication with existing or potential customers is wide open for you to connect with them in unique ways. Make them feel that they are a vital part of your business. Be casual without crossing the lines into their personal lives.

Find ways to communicate that are direct and make specific offers of information or services. Never ramble or elaborate unnecessarily. Use mobile marketing to give out specific information, such as product reviews or insights into how a product could be used in creative ways. Quote others who have benefited from your products.

Consider publishing information in a “question and answer” format. This could enlighten consumers and answer questions they may not have even thought about, while extolling the virtues of your products or services at the same time.

Identify what the needs of customers actually are, then cater to those needs in specific ways. Never give vague philosophical ponderings, but save mobile communication for providing short, direct communication that offers a solution in some way. Create a scenario with a need, then tell them how you will meet that need.

Check out your content to make sure that it works on various mobile devices. This will include smart phones and tablets, as well as simple cell phones if you are using SMS texting. Lower the resolution of any graphics you use, so that they will load quickly and not require excessive scrolling to view. Do not use outdated technology that only works on personal computers, including Flash.

Look into the possibility of creating your own mobile application that consumers can load directly onto their mobile devices. People move very quickly when they are accessing information on personal devices, so make sure that yours is right there at the click of a button.

Try posting product comparisons, ones that show in a bulleted list why one is preferable to the other. These can be comparisons between two or three products that you offer, or they can compare your versions to those of your competitors. The key is to make it obvious, in a glance, why consumers would want to purchase what you are selling. Then make it easy to do so, with links to where they can buy right away.

People typically don’t care whom they buy from, as long as it is at a fair price, from a reputable company and is a trouble-free experience. Give them all these things through their mobile devices and you will be the one getting the new customers who open their wallets.


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