How To Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of new blogs that start up every single day on the Internet. It’s exciting that literally anyone with an Internet connection can create a blog, but at the same time that makes it tougher to stand out with so much competition out there. Increase your chances at running a more successful blog by making sure you don’t make common mistakes that many new bloggers make.


The biggest and probably most common mistake that bloggers make is just letting their blog rot away. Many people will start a blog and then just forget about it in a week or two, especially now that creating a blog can be free. You won’t get dedicated visitors to your website if you stop creating new content. In order to keep people interested you must give them reasons to keep coming back and you must stay up to date.

Many bloggers do not utilize search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is when you use some tricks to make your blog appear higher on search engine results. You can do this by thinking up keywords that people would search for in order to land on a website like yours and then targeting those keywords. Another option is to use back links; this means getting other websites to link to you. Search engines will detect when other sites link to you and then “reward” your website by ranking you higher up in their rankings since they will then deem you to be more important.


Some bloggers seem to think that using an obscure font or a font that is really fancy will make their website stand out more. The truth is that people really do not care how pretty the font is that you’re using; in fact, most people would prefer that you just use something that is standard and easy for them to read. In addition to this, not everyone will have support on their computer for the fancy font that you want to use. This means you would either have to annoy your visitors by asking them to download it just to read your content or the formatting will be messed up since they will be seeing a different font instead.

A way that some blogs pretty much drive away their entire viewership is by plagiarizing. If you post content that came from somewhere else or even if you paraphrase something that you saw somewhere else, you absolutely must give that source some credit. If someone comes along and points out that you ripped it off from a different blog or website, then your blog’s reputation will be completely ruined. Don’t think that you can just steal something off of the Internet because it’s the Internet. It’s important to understand plagiarism still exists.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes that others have made if you really want your blog to be a success. You’ll make sure that you are off to a good start by avoiding everything mentioned in the above article.


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