Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy


Interactive SEO Agency are experts in looking at the best ways to deliver your key messages, as this is vital to the ongoing success and growth of your business.

As the climate continues to change and evolve, so is marketing and the requirements of everyone you do business with. Budgets are cut, but you still need to promote your business, position your brand and differentiate yourself above your competitors.


One thing is for sure… If you aren’t marketing to potential customers then your competitors will be!

  • Are you targeting the most profitable customers for your business?
  • Do you want your business to grow in a different direction?
  • Would you like clarification on the direction of your business in order to take your product/service directly to more profitable customers?
  • Are you aware of all the ways you can communicate?
  • Are your current marketing activities fully complaint and ethical?

Whether you need a full marketing strategy or just some of the elements of the marketing mix, your business will soon begin to feel the benefits if you use the right tools, the most effective activities and a well structured plan.

In the current financial climate it is imperative that you have a game plan to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure existing and prospective clients are communicated with in the most appropriate way.

Interactive SEO Agency will work with you (or under your company name if you want us to work with your clients), to identify the most appropriate and cost effective marketing solutions.


All marketing activity is bespoke, depending on the individual needs and requirements of your business.

Here is an example of the various stages of strategic marketing that we can help you with:

  • Marketing collateral and sales materials through innovative Graphic Design
  • Marketing health-check and strategic session to define company offering, target markets, objectives and direction.
  • Above with a document detailing topline strategy with regards to target markets, branding and competitive positioning.
  • All of the above, plus a comprehensive Marketing Strategy and 6 month action plan.
  • Full comprehensive Marketing Strategy with more detailed competitor analysis and 12 month action plan.
  • Full comprehensive Marketing Strategy (including internal research), detailed competitor analysis and 12 month action plan.


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