Online marketing process do included what various activities ?

Online marketing process do included what various activities ?

Online marketing process do included what various activities ?


I did the first site SEO in the year with good results in the competition in the industry is very powerful in all search engines routed to the top three, but now almost all the search engines penalize. Google Places Services theory is very simple principle, in the practical application of these principles you it is difficult to know whether the role it plays, whether you use the technique leads to rank up or down.

For example, it is likely you saw a little trick in January, made some changes, the result is invalid. March also saw a trick, and make some changes, Apr. website ranking has improved, can this increase is probably not the cause of the changes in March, but the January changes, or what not. In this case, the causal relationship between theoretical knowledge and practice what we have learned a lot of time between can not link up. My experience is that you must go through a lot of practice, for different sectors of the site, different keywords, different types of sites, different optimization techniques have perceptual awareness.


Only on the basis of a lot of practice and cultivate an intuitive grasp of SEO as a whole, will it be possible to do search engine optimization . Practice, lots of practice, just look at the light reading is almost no use. A few years ago I just started to enter the site and network marketing industry really took 297 dollars from the famous Corey Rudl two bought a thick book. Not the books, is really two books printed on paper from the United States by mail.


The biggest lesson I have learned so far is also deeply affected me was: first to find the target market , then consider the product. Many companies can easily mistake is that he developed a product, and then go on the market comments, test marketing. Such products may be inspired by R & D department and technical personnel, it is also possible that certain products should be business leaders feel welcome. But in fact it is not the user needs products? Only products developed, in order to get the market test, sometimes the result is a failure.

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