Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management


By managing your pay per click campaign properly, Interactive SEO Agency can ensure that your budget is spent effectively.

Get it right and PPC is a cost effective marketing tool. Get it wrong and it will burn your money and deliver nothing in return.

Interactive SEO Agency online marketing offer professional pay per click advertising services, including campaign setup, management and reporting.


Good pay per click management means regularly and continuously making changes to the key phrases you are bidding on.

Pay Per Click advertising is an established method of driving qualified traffic to your website in return for a small amount of money which is paid per click to your website via the search engines.

PPC results are shown on the right hand side of the search pages and in the first three spots at the top left side of the page. In Google, this is highlighted as a ‘sponsored listing’ at the top.

Pay Per Click is not suitable for every type of business and can be a complete waste of time and money if not created and measured correctly. Done correctly however, Interactive SEO Agency have found it to be a goldmine for sales leads and opportunities.


Our Pay Per Click Management Service Includes:

  • Pay per click account set up
  • Ongoing account management
  • Efficient budget control
  • Monthly campaign analysis
  • Monthly Reporting

The Interactive SEO Agency pay per click campaign management service is designed to help you achieve your desired online marketing objectives, whether they are to get a top position in search engines for a specific search term, reduce your cost per click, target more relevant traffic, or generally increase your online visibility.

By managing your pay per click campaign properly, Interactive SEO Agency can ensure your budget is spent effectively.


Some of the factors we consider when managing your pay per click campaign are:

  • Your budget for your pay per click campaign
  • Which pay per click service should be used for your particular PPC advertising campaign
  • Analytics and Key Performance Indicators that should be used to measure and monitor the success of your pay per click campaign
  • Geographical locations for your PPC advertising campaign
  • The best times for the pay per click advertising campaign to run for your business


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