Pay Per Click Training

Pay Per Click Training


The results of PPC marketing can be measured accurately, so your business is always in control of its budget and can refine the campaign to ensure a good return on investment.

Pay-Per-Click & Google AdWords Training

Many searches for information about products and buying decisions begin with searches on one of the major engines: Google, Yahoo! or Live Search. Achieving a position at or near the top of the ‘organic’ rankings can take time and often requires a large investment of time and energy. Pay-per-click (PPC) can bring profitable results much more quickly by providing an instant source of targeted traffic.

This course provides a one-day introduction to pay-per-click, including practical examples that help you to set-up, run and manage your own PPC campaign.

What you will learn:

It’s very easy to set-up a PPC campaign especially on Google but can often be a waste money if it’s not set up in the right way. This one-day course will teach you how to increase sales and profit instantly with PPC: how to build campaigns the right way, which will drive sales and enquiries to your business profitably.


The course provides an introduction to pay-per-click marketing and web analytics, focusing mainly on Google AdWords and Google Analytics.


Course Outline

Understanding search engine results pages (SERPs) – organic / sponsored links

Where PPC fits with other online marketing activities (search engine      optimisation, social media, email & blogging)

PPC campaign structure (campaigns, ad groups, keywords)

Keyword matching options (broad, phrase, exact, negative)

Advert options (text, display, video, local)

Advert placement (search network / content network)

Keyword and competitor research

Google AdWord’s Quality Score – its impact on the auction

Google AdWords Policies (trademark / acceptable use / prohibited items)

Conversion tracking

Tracking and improving performance – traffic versus conversions

Google Analytics (installing tracking code / understanding results / tracking exact keywords)


About the tutor

Cristian Dumitrescu is a qualified Google Advertising Professional who has been building and managing pay-per-click campaigns for three years. Clients range from large online retailers, B2B suppliers, travel companies and sole traders / freelancers. Without exceptions, these clients have grown their business profitably by using pay-per-click.


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