Qualified Sales Questions

Qualified Sales Questions


To ensure your sales strategy delivers the phenomenal results you want for your business, you must first invest some time into research.

Interactive SEO Agency has proven time and again with businesses just like yours, how a little knowledge of your customers can go a long, long way to deliver what your competitors haven’t even thought about!

If you research your customers buying trends on a 6-12 month basis, you will foresee potential challenges that may arise in your sales pipeline and have an action plan ready to protect you from the potential dangers that could affect your cash flow and communications strategy. Think about potential limitations that could pop up, such as:


  • Summer & public holidays
  • Your suppliers taking different public holidays to you
  • Snow/bad weather affecting delivery of your products/services at certain times of year
  • Postal strikes/air-strikes
  • Changing technology
  • Global disasters
  • Disaster recovery of your IT systems
  • Demand for staff not consistent throughout the year, etc…


Just taking these considerations into account, you will be thinking ahead of your competitors as they probably haven’t even considered thinking about it. However, if they have…


Do you want to be the one who is left behind while they scoop up the business opportunities you could have had?

Here are some good qualifying sales questions to ask your prospective customers. They will give you ideas about their buying behaviors and may create opportunities to upsell to your existing customers:


  • What actually are their needs?
  • What is it that keeps them awake at night?
  • What do they actually want from you?
  • When are they likely to buy it from you?
  • How do they want to buy it? Online? Face to face? Mail order? Etc…?
  • What level of service do they expect from you?
  • What price would they pay for it?
  • How quickly do they expect you to deliver; Pre-active or reactionary basis?
  • Who is it in the household or business that influences the buying decisions?
  • Who is likely to actually place the order and how?


Even if you are an established business and you want to enhance your sales pipeline and communications strategy further, it is still worth revisiting the sales questions here at least every six to twelve months to ensure you are continuing to deliver what your customers want. Many companies go out of business because they rely on delivering what they always have and therefore receive a response similar to what they’ve always got.


Put simply… If you want different results, you need to change what you are doing!

For help in getting your sales strategy on the right track, here are some of the services Interactive SEO Agency can help you with:

  • Sales strategy coaching
  • Sales and business development strategy
  • Outsourced sales director to implement your sales activities for you
  • Sales training
  • Sales mentoring
  • Strategic partnerships training
  • Presentation skills
  • How to make networking work for you

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