SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing


The lifeblood of any website is new, fresh content. Without fresh content it is very hard to convince the search engines to send traffic.

A common mistake is to believe that a six page website will attract much traffic. There are many ways that people search for exactly the same service or product. To ignore these variations is to ignore the opportunity to get found.

The major search engines do not send human beings to appraise a website. They send their software robots to ‘read’ what is on the page. If something isn’t written then they cannot be expected to send traffic.

Take for instance a website optimised for the term ‘Leeds Plumbers’. What about those people searching for ‘Plumber in Leeds’ or ‘Central Heating Repair, Leeds’ or any of the many other ways to search?


Shouldn’t something be said about web journals? Fortunes are being produced using content rich online journals appended to sites utilizing the inquiry terms that are not spoken to in the principle route.

This administration gives a customary stream of web index enhanced substance that can be utilized on your site or blog. Not exclusively is this professionally kept in touch with, it is organized in the way that the web search tools lean toward.

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