Sub brands

Sub brands

Your corporate brand and sub-brands, when developed properly by experienced branding experts such as Interactive SEO Agency, relate to and support each other. Your sub-brands are there to reflect and reinforce the core purpose of your corporate brand.

Developing sub brands also enables you to create massive financial value in different areas of your business, enabling you to sell any one of them off without it affecting the rest of your company.

At Interactive SEO Agency, we believe that sub brands form part of your family of brands.

They provide vehicles to attract different streams of business to you, which are often a means of tailoring your product or service to a particular market sector or niche. Sub brands are brand extensions and additions to your range marketed under an already established name.

Take our company for instance. Interactive SEO Agency is our core brand name. Then we have several sub brands which support each key area of our business. Each area is marketed separately as a niche and each new service we provide, we develop a new sub brand for it: