Website & Blog Content Writing

Website & Blog Content Writing

Maximising your website and/or blog investment is key in generating the highest ROI in the shortest time possible.

A major part of getting your business to the top of the search engines for desired keyword terms is uploading a constant stream of fresh and original keyword rich content to your website.

High search engine rankings mean more relevant visitors, generating more enquiries, delivering more high quality sales to your ‘online’ doorstep.


Search engines love new content. So…

  • You know that you need to write lots of fresh new content regularly to get you higher up the search engine rankings.
  • You know it is going to take you time out of your business when you could be earning more money on the delivery of your product or service.
  • You know that you will start off with all good intentions, only to find that before you know it, a couple of months have slipped by and you just haven’t had time to get around to it.


Sound familiar? Well you aren’t alone!


For this very reason Interactive SEO Agency have developed a special series of website content management packages that deliver high quality, engaging, keyword rich, highly optimised website content, with ongoing content management support to suit your budget.


Website Copy

How long is a piece of string when you want to know how much it will cost to write all your website content! It really depends on the amount of pages you would like support with, the complexity of your subject and the scale of your website design.

The Interactive SEO Agency Website Content Management Starter Pack really is a great place to start as it covers the three key pages of your website that tend to get the most hits first:

  • Homepage
  • About Us page and
  • Products/Services Intro Page

Prices are based on £130 per 250 word page and for this we will not only write write your keyword rich content for you. We will also optimise it and upload it to your website for you, enabling you to continue running your business and generate more profit.

A no-brainer really when you consider that just one person visiting your website may buy from you simply because your content was so professional. It would cover your ROI straight away!


Monthly Website Content Management

How quickly you want to shoot up the search engines dictates how many articles you will need to add to your website every month.

The Interactive SEO Agency website content management service involves our monthly ongoing support to regularly add unique, fresh content to your website. Interactive SEO Agency will effectively become your Virtual Web Editor.

Obviously the more regularly new content is updated on your website, the better your website will perform. Set up fees enable us to research your target audience and get a fundamental understanding of your business to generate lots of ongoing content rich ideas for your website. You can of course upgrade or lower your monthly package as you grow, depending on how fast or slow you want your growth to be.


Package 1

  • 2 content rich blogs written for you per month
  • Submit your blogs to relevant websites and directories (industry specific blog directories if available)

Set up fee (one off): £475.00

Ongoing monthly fee: £375.00


Package 2

  • 4 content rich blogs written for you per month
  • Submit your blogs to relevant websites and directories (industry specific blog directories if available)

Set up (one off): £475.00

Ongoing monthly fee: £575.00


Package 3

  • 4 content rich blogs written for you per month
  • Submit your blogs to relevant websites and directories (industry specific blog directories if available)
  • Blog commenting (search for sector relevant blogs and post intelligent comments to generate a social buzz around your brand)

Set up (one off): £475.00

Monthly fee: £750.00


News pages

Keeping people updated regularly with fresh news also helps to create a buzz around your business reputation. Writing regular news stories about your business though can sometimes be difficult when you are so close to your business and often miss news opportunities that others would see as a great story!

Once a month we would simply get in touch with you (unless you have something to shout about sooner!) to find out what has been happening with your business over the last 30 days. Interactive SEO Agency will then create a series of news articles for you which we will upload to your website over the course of the following month. These can then also be used to send out regular Tweets and LinkedIn posts about your business.

Prices are again based on £130 per 250 word page, which can sometimes work out to 2 news articles depending on how much there is to shout about!

All of the above packages have been put together simply to give you an idea of the different levels of website content management Interactive SEO Agency can support you with. Every business is different, with different needs and different cash flow figures, so please do get in touch and we can put a package together that totally suits your business growth plans and cash flow position.

For more information about website content management services or to receive your free website design health check with Interactive SEO Agency call our team now on 07553125698 or get in touch here >