Website Design

Website Design


Imagine if Interactive SEO Agency gave you the time freedom, sales pipeline and flexibility to run your business without the additional stress of website design, content writing and managing your online marketing strategy.

What would you do with all those extra hours in the days, weeks or months?


Join the Interactive SEO Agency family and enjoy all the benefits that our website design service is already bringing to businesses like yours every day throughout the UK.

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“Using the website design service with Interactive SEO Agency has given us back on average 5 hours a week to work on growing our business. This has doubled our turnover within just 5 months. Their website design, branding and SEO team have supported us in our business growth strategy and are always on hand when we need them, as if they were our in-house marketing team. I thoroughly recommend you contact them!”
James Wood, MD of Tom Wood Florist

The level of website design support you need depends on where your business is at financially and the future goals that you have for your company growth. The great news for you is that no matter what shape, size or growth strategy you have, website design, content writing and online marketing with Interactive SEO Agency is one of the most supportive and cost effective ways to grow your company.


Why Web Design Is Key When Working On Internet Marketing


You won’t get far with your Internet marketing campaign if you do not have a visually appealing website. It has to look professional and has to be fairly easy to use. Internet marketers should read the information below to be sure they’re headed in the right direction.

Are you going to use links that are text or are you thinking of links that are images? While image links may be more visually appealing, they can make a site load slowly if there are too many of them. You also have to remember that when you’re using image links, you should put descriptions of where the links go into the description tags. If you’re using text links be sure that they are readable and don’t clash too much with your background. They need to be colored in a way that people know they are links as well. Try to stick with traditional link colors since people are already used to them.

Are you going to use Flash on your site? It is sometimes a good idea to avoid Flash because some people may not have the software to run it. You’re going to have to include a link to the appropriate vendor for the software, as well as have some kind of description as to what the video contained. Only use Flash if you must because it also can hurt your search engine rankings if you’re trying to fit too much of it onto a page.

Choose fonts that people can easily read. Avoid uncommon fonts that people aren’t going to have on their computers, or that are too difficult to read over. Fonts that have too many curves in them, that are too close together or that look like they should be in a comic book are not very good ideas. Space out long sentences and make sure your background is easy on the eyes too. There’s nothing worse than wanting to read a website but having to highlight everything with a mouse just to see what’s going on.

Colors need to be kept consistent on your website as a whole. This can easily be done by utilizing CSS. If you’re not comfortable using that, it’s still fairly easy to keep things similar. It can get distracting when one page on a website is bright and the other is dark. Avoid colors that are neon and avoid having a lot of animated images. Generally, animated backgrounds will just confuse readers, along with animated text. Avoid these things at all costs if you’re trying to keep people on your site and want them to come back at a later time.

Having a website that attracts visitors will make your Internet marketing campaign a big success. It will keep visitors visiting and can help you sell whatever product or service you’re trying to. Use all of the things that were gone over in this article and apply them to your designs, and you’ll get people clicking through in no time.

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